I thought that was the name of the piece instead of the nom-d’art of the artist, and was “….. no…?”

Well I mean I guess there’s *some* blue… :)

But this piece isn’t titled, unfortunately. I looked through their portfolio, it’s a part of “進撃ラクガキまとめ4”. Here are some other really good pieces from that same set:

The artist apparently has a thing for Levi/Eren in a dom/sub sort of way. So any of my followers, if you’re into that kind of thing, go sign up for Pixiv so you can look at their albums :P

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I was searching on something completely unrelated but LOOK AT THIS THING THAT I FOUND.

Somehow this was supposed to be anti-Women’s Suffrage? THIS GUY IS FUCKING COOL AS HELL. I wanna be this guy so hard.

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キルラキル (“Kill La Kill”)

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魔法使いの家 (“Witch’s House”)

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マチエール (Emma)

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落書き (‘Sketch’)

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A collection of artwork by 仮眠.

See more of their work on their Pixiv account, or their personal site located here.

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"19時の魔女" (7 O’Clock Witch)

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Tanuki Suit' Carbon & Graphite on langton 10 x 7 inches. 

I was kindly asked by attract mode to contribute to this years Fangamer X Attractmode group exhibit, taking place on the 31st of August in Seattle. Guests include the likes of Danimal Cannon , Jake Kaufman, the Drunken Moogle and a trove of other amazing artists.

For those of you who follow me on Instagram, here’s a much better image of the print I bought at the Fangamer x AttractMode show while I was in Seattle.

I hope Fangamer works through its order backlog soon x_x

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 "お願い、助けて神様" ("Please, God, Help Me")

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From Marvel 1602, Issue 8. I bought the collection on a whim because Neil Gaiman, but it didn’t really get good until the last two issues or so.

Still, this image is gorgeous, and I had to share.

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