Hey, I’m bored. Who wants a pizza? Reblog this and I’ll pick one of you to order a pizza for tonight. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

(You should probably also tell me your time zone so I can know when would be appropriate to order pizza)

EDIT: I bought someone (two people, actually, since they had a roomie) pizza, and they’re both so cute and sweet and I feel like 100x better about having had a shitty day at the office so we all win tonight I think! :D

This has been pretty fun, all in all. I wanna do this more regularly. Stay tuned I guess :3

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Cheering myself up from a long day. Made pizza for dinner. Grilled chicken, marinated artichokes, pickled red bell pepper, mozarella, and a roasted garlic & sun dried tomato paste for the sauce. (Taken with Instagram)

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we ran out of plates

My copy is being used as part of the stack that supports my bed slats after the leg broke off.

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… That pizza looks delicious.

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#Shrimp & #Pesto #Pizza from @nexuscleveland. So good x_x (Taken with instagram)

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Dear Renee,

This is a cat eating pizza. Be happy…he is.

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