It’s been a month since I last made the time to take my camera out somewhere. I feel really crappy about that. :T

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Got all my approvals from work to take a four-day weekend at the end of August to go hiking through Allegheny National Forest.


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literally life with cats

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By the way, if anyone wants a beta code for Destiny on PS4, lemme know. I have one left over.

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who has done a good complete let’s play of fatal frame that’s not pewdiepie is a wonderful source of LP’s ripped straight outta Something Awful’s Let’s Play site (SA being the originator of Let’s Plays, for those of you unaware). It’s well maintained and includes not just video but also audio and picture-based LP’s, as well as forum conversations, fanart that comes out of the LP’s, etc., etc.

As for the Fatal Frame runs, it looks like a guy by the name of Niggurath has done Fatal Frame 1 - 3, but not yet 4. He does a lot of the less well-known survival horror games (I’m watching his Rule of Rose as I type this), is informative and has a nice quality to his recordings. He does have a little bit of a lilt to his voice which can get slightly annoying at first but you get used to it.

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I don’t know if any of the people who follow me are also runners, but if you are, there’s actually a really good sale on running shoes going on until 7/20 at the moment. looks to be trying to clear out some of last year’s designs so they’re selling a bunch of ‘em for $40 or less.

Women’s shoes:

Men’s shoes:

I noticed in the Women’s they have Mizuno Evo Levitas for $40. If you’re into minimalist running I would really recommend them! I use them for my daily runs, they feel like I’m wearing wool socks, it’s crazy.

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when you have the hiccups while trying to sleep


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Another day spent wishing my cereal was caffeinated.

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new dash topic: h.p. lovecraft was a fuckboy


"waeehhhh im a little shit who hates foriengers and octopuses scare me so hard i shit myself wahhhhh look at my chin"

Based on what little I know of Lovecraft from a short biography I’ve read, I think he most definitely would’ve been a Redditor.

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I really want a pan pizza from Pizza Hut with sausage and onion.

That’s so far from my standard pizza order, I’m not even sure who I am right now.

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Get to Know The Blogger


Name: Nick
Nickname: … Nick?
Height: 6’0”
Relationship status: Taken
Birthday: June 22nd
Favorite color: Carmine red
Favorite singer/band: Probably I ought to say Portishead
Last song listened: "My Evil is Strong" by Tricky
Last movie watched: Bio-Dome, last weekend.
Favorite book: Toss-up between Perdido St. Station and Penpal. I don’t read as much as I’d like, though, so calling them my favorite isn’t saying much.
Last book read: Tolstoy’s What is Art?
Currently reading: About 60% through The Corrections
# of siblings: One (Eric)
# of pets: One (Daemon)
Best school subject: I have no idea.
Mac or PC? PC (though I’m on a mac at the moment)
Cell phone type: Droid 4, though I’m about to order an HTC One M8
Current shirt color: The shirt I *was* wearing was blue.
Gamer?: I do okay
Day or night?: Night
Summer or winter?: Winter, best 8 months of the year
Most-visited website?: Probably tumblr.
Celebrity crushes: Don’t think I have any currently… Last ones were probably Olivia Wilde and Emma Stone, back in college. Anyone who knows me well is prooooobably rolling their eyes right now at this admission (looking at you, human-garbage-baby)

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i know everyone likes to know mystical stuff related to your birthday so did you know that you have assigned tarot cards as birth cards/arcana based upon when you were born


Oh man I sure hope this means exactly what I think it does >:D

Update: It doesn’t D:<

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How's it going bruh? Still traveling?

Heya friend-o! Still traveling, yep! I’m flying home tomorrow morning. So far the trip has been:

Friday: Drinks and meeting roommates Cassie and Jessica, as well as my brother’s S.O. Alicea. Spent the night playing video games.

Saturday: Farmers markets and some shopping and wandering around the city, meeting more friends.

Sunday: Photographing the Pride parade and getting rained on and more wandering around the city (coffee at Powell’s, lunch at Kenny & Zuke’s).

Monday: Driving around with roommates because my brother had to work and then dressing up for dinner at Le Pigeon and drinks at Doug Fir and dessert at Voodoo Doughnut to celebrate my birthday.

Tuesday: Went hiking through the woods of Washington Park. Went to the rose garden, and then got sushi. Later: Tacos! I made carnitas and a couple other things for what turned out to be like 16 people. Then we played Cards Against Humanity and watched a movie.

Wednesday: Weather finally cleared up, so we went down to the waterfront, rented bikes, and rode them all over the place for like 5 hours. I’m so sunburnt! Then we made pizzas.

I have no idea what’s in store for today. It’s like 11 am here and my brother is still sleeping. And since he’s sleeping I can’t get a shower, so I’m just sitting on the couch looking at tumblr and rubbing a can of Coke on my arms because it’s nice and cold. :T


Bob is like one of the most stereotypical names but how many bobs do you actually know

Fun fact: at the first company I worked for six out of the eight server administrators in the IT department were named Bob.

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